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Pressere-Die Casting Dies
Hot Runner Moulds
Stripper Ejection Moulds
Gear Ejection Moulds
Multi Cavity Cap Moulds
Thermo Forming Moulds
Compression Moulds
Preform Moulds

Welcome to Premould

Everything begins with a good mould base....

Life. People. The pen you are holding. It all begins with a good mould. And it is only when this good mould functions with precision, perfection takes shape. That is precisely the business we are in.

What began as a small tool room in 1994 has today traveled far. Milestone after milestone of precision. Success and a wider customer base have been attained and Pre-Mould has captured the mind space of many. Today fully equipped with machines like imported Jig Boring and CNC Milling. Pre-Mould manufactures Mould Bases for plastic injection moulds and pressure die casting dies. It also makes Pillar Die sets for sheet metal components.


Everything we undertake has to be 110% perfect. To attain that level we put our products through a battery of real-time tests and conditions. This is the precise reason why most of the major public and private sector organizations return to us.

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