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About Us

We are not big enough to be inflexible to customers needs. In the same breath, we are not tiny enough to be bullied. We give the necessary headway to accept specifications and short deadlines.

We are a company born out of a passion for excellence in 1994. This young name has earned a reputation for meeting the most challenging mould requirements. It has retained clients with quality, wormankship and cordial customer service. Started as a one room production centre, today Pre-Mould is a front runner in the scene. For the future, we are planning expansion to 50 Mould Bases (Size up to 2000mm X 1600mm) per month from existing 30 Mould Bases per month.

What began as a small tool room in 1994 has today traveled far. Milestone after milestone of precision. Success and a wider customer base have been attained and Pre-Mould has captured the mind space of many. Today fully equipped with machines like imported Jig Boring and CNC Milling. Pre-Mould manufactures Mould Bases for plastic injection moulds and pressure die casting dies. It also makes Pillar Die sets for sheet metal components.

We will continue to go ahead as a technically strong manufacturer of Mould Bases. We can deliver to you quality and timely delivery at the right price, Reason why clients come back to us with bigger challenging orders.

Quality Mission

Our attitude towards quality rules all our activities from the selecting the raw materials to export packaging as per international standards. Product testing procedures ensure highest standards. The shop floor employs industry standard benchmarks. Innovative customer expectations guide our designer teams all the time. Buyers can expect high precision products delivered in time at the best price possible always.

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