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Pressere-Die Casting Dies
Hot Runner Moulds
Stripper Ejection Moulds
Gear Ejection Moulds
Multi Cavity Cap Moulds
Thermo Forming Moulds
Compression Moulds
Preform Moulds


Mould Bases in any specification, for any application can be delivered on time with in a period of 7 Days to 60 Days depending on size and complexity of Mould Base. We do beat the clock, if it’s necessary. To know what more we can do for you, contact us.

Pre Mould offers Mould Bases for the following Moulds :

        Pressure Die  Casting Dies Pressure Die Casting Dies
        Pressure Die  Casting Dies Hot Runner Moulds
        Pressure Die  Casting Dies Stripper Ejection Moulds
        Pressure Die  Casting Dies Gear Ejection Moulds
        Pressure Die  Casting Dies Multi Cavity Cap Moulds
        Pressure Die  Casting Dies Pre-form Moulds
        Pressure Die  Casting Dies Compression Moulds
        Pressure Die  Casting Dies Thermo Forming Moulds

Ready Solutions for the Tool Makers

Pre Mould offers Mould Bases with any material as per customer requirement with Guide Pillars and Bushes made of EN-31/EN36 material, hardened and ground with :

        Pressure Die  Casting Dies CNC Machined Pockets.
        Pressure Die  Casting Dies Cooling Circuits
        Pressure Die  Casting Dies Ejection Systems


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Ordering from us is as simple as filling up this form. Our pro -active customer relations department will be in touch with you with regards to your order.


Download our latest brochure for standard Mould Bases or you can attach your own Mould Base drawing with contact sheet.

Mould Bases also can be supplied as per client’s specifications with special materials.

Pillar Die Sets for Sheet Metal Press Tools and accessories are also available.

Spread over 18000 sq ft, our Tool Room features state –of- the- art facilities including advanced equipment soured from the world’s best.

Our Tool Room is large and spacious. It has latest generation machines that tolerate no compromise. These CNC machines operate at high speed and turn out perfect products. Our design lab is manned by experienced professionals who understand customer needs clearly and translate the same into exact solutions. Advanced design concepts are used to create masterpieces of reliability. Our innovation geared designers work on powerful workstations to give customers perfect products that offer precision standards so vital for moulds.

Standard Mould Bases for Plastic Injection Moulds – ‘P’ Series

Standard Mould Bases for Pressure Die Casting Dies – ‘D’ Series

Pre-Mould Standard Items

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